Video production

Video production

Video production

Video production / Audio / Original Music

Video production

Video editing

Video production

Video production



Sounddesign / Mix / Original Music

Original music

Original music

Audiomix / Original Music

Sounddesign / Mix

Original music


We produce music videos and a wide variety of content for the music industry. Our ability to vary in crew size makes us flexible to take on both smaller productions and more elaborate projects. Some of our clients include Sony Music Entertainment, Smuggler Music and PIAS Nordic.

And also! We produce documentaries, narrative films and promotional videos.

Audio & Music Production

This is where it all started, helping creators make music. We’ve made music, done field recordings and worked on audio post production for TV and film.

Our job is to help brands sound the way they want!

Johannes Räihä
Riga Tiger
Riga Tiger
Riga Tiger
Hands Down

Record Label

2015 we started the record label Youth Recordings. Since then we've had over 45 releases. Some notable artists include: Riga Tiger, Christer Sjögren, Johannes Räihä, Katthem, Bromander, Hands Down and many more. 

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The Team

the Studio

The studio is optimized for music and audio production.

-Mac mini M1
-10 ch UAD Audio Interface
-Pro Tools 2020, Logic Pro
-ATC SCM12 PRO monitors
-Trinnov Audio Processor
-Verious Synthesizers
-Outboards such as PSA-1, UREI LA-3, TKDP2 and more.
-Extensive sound design library 

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